Real Estate Buyer 75K:150K Yearly

Location NASHVILLE, Tennessee
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Real Estate Buyer 75K:150K Yearly - Job Description:

A week in the life of a Superstar Real Estate BuyerAll this could be yours...It's Monday after Christmas, so I can guarantee 95 of you werent excited about going back to your job today...You're probably seeing everyone coasting through the end of the year and youre thinking to yourself, Wow, I just spent another year living below my potential because of not having RIGHT opportunity...But my people and I arent slacking and coasting this week. Were finishing out the year strong and gearing up for 2016. We cant wait to kick off a new year and face the new challenges.Why? Here's a typical week for us: Monday: Get up, work out, have breakfast, and look at all of my appointments for the week meeting with people that WANT to sell their house to me. I didnt have to prospect for any of these appointments: they were all set up for me: so all I have to do is focus on getting in and doing what I do best Tuesday: Jump on the quick morning video huddle where we share our WINS from the day before. From there I go out and look at houses, make some offers, and return my calls for the day. I usually buy a house on Tuesday: so Im trying to do 2 for Tuesday this week. Wednesday: I start off with the work out and breakfast before heading into the office for the team meeting. I work mobile everyday with my tablet, cell phone, and a flexible schedule, so this is the only day I go to the office. Im ready to get some ongoing training to keep me sharp and on top of my game. Im excited to see what my teammates Nathan and Tommy have achieved over the past week as well. Its a friendly rivalry, but I always expect to come out on top. After some delicious lunch with the team, Im out on appointment with a homeowner thats excited to see me. I know I can take care of their needs and give them a great offer for their house. Thursday: I like to get the day going early on Thursdays and see how many motivated sellers I can talk to and meet with in a day. Im trying to get another deal closed before the end of the week. I decide to swing into the Portland Brew for coffee and work the rest of my day from there. It doesnt matter where I work as long as Im getting things done. Friday: Exercise and breakfast before sitting down to talk with some of the people Ive been able to meet with over the past week and see how I can structure some win/win deals. Im trying to wrap up my day by 2:00 so I can go to my daughters dance recital at school. Shell be excited to see me: my flexible schedule lets me be there for her events whenever I want. That sounds like a nice week, right?But ... I didn't even tell you about the best part.That whole time, whether I was working from the office or by the lake ... I was working on something HUGE. Theres no doubt in my mind that well be one of the nations largest homebuyers in the next few years, and Ill be a big part of that. Im making a positive difference in the lives of everyone I meet as well as in my own. My income is literally limited only by my skills and my drive: but Ill get to that in a moment. I'm insanely lucky to be where I am. I have direct input into what we're doing and have ridiculous flexibility and benefits. Thats a typical week, but this upcoming one is bit different. My schedule is mine and very flexible, so it can change as I want it to. The good news is we're hiring. But we only hire the best.If you think you're good enough to work with us, apply right now.Like Sheryl Sandberg says: 'If youre offered a seat on a rocket ship, get on.'The hatch is open. The fuel tank is full. Im piloting. This thing is going to the moon.Are you getting on?Apply for a spot on the team now:Jeremy Now, a little more about the position: Were hiring superstars only. 150,000K+ is a realistic potential for you. We dont hire backgrounds : We hire top producers. If you are average you can earn 75,000 with us, and if you are a star you can earn well over , Young or old, if you have the

Salary: Competitive

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